IB Psychology - Ten Example Exam Answers - Old Syllabus - FREE

IB Psychology - Ten Example Exam Answers - Old Syllabus - FREE

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Crack the IB code with our exam prep packs! These answers are designed for the "old" syllabus. These example answers will show you how surprisingly simple it is to get a 7!


  • Ten example answers (+ 2 bonus answers) 
  • Examiner-style commentaries that explain what is required to get top marks.
  • All five types of IB Psychology exam questions included - this pack contains an example short answer response and an example essay for each of these types of questions,.
  • Tips on how to answer each type.

The purpose of these examples is to show you how you can use a standard structure to apply your own understanding to any question. Trying to prepare by memorizing these answers and hoping the same questions appear in the exam is a poor strategy.

Please note, these answers are designed for the "old" syllabus (2018).

Author: Travis Dixon
Status: Available now
Delivery: Instant download
Format: Digital
Curriculum: "Old" (last exams Nov 2018)