IB Psychology - A Student's Guide - Social Influence - eBook

IB Psychology - A Student's Guide - Social Influence - eBook

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IB Psychology just got a little easier - Social Influence (Chapter 3) is now available as an eBook.

"Social Influence" is a chapter designed to teach content relevant to the cognitive and sociocultural approaches as well as the human relationships options all rolled into one.

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Topics include: 

  • Enculturation
  • Acculturation
  • Cultural dimensions
  • Social identity theory
  • Schema theory
  • Reconstructive memory and memory reliability
  • Origins of conflict and conflict resolution
  • Prejudice and Discrimination
  • Bystanderism
  • Prosocial behaviour and Promoting prosocial behaviour

There is also a full Teacher Support Pack available that has all the worksheets, lesson plans, activities, PowerPoints, assessments and more for teaching this unit. You can find the Social Influence chapter here.

With the click of a button you can save yourself hours and hours of planning time. 

Buy the full print textbook here.

*A school license allows you to share this with students enrolled in your school. It can be made available through internal digital mediums (e.g. moodles or wikis) but cannot be published on publicly available sites. This license is for one school. If one organization has multiple schools, one license per school must be purchased. 

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