IB Theory of Knowledge - A Student's Guide - Digital Book (ISSUU Online Reader Version) Themantic Education

IB Theory of Knowledge - A Student's Guide - Digital Book (ISSUU Online Reader Version)

Author: Alexey Popov
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IB Theory of Knowledge - A Student's Guide - Digital Book (ISSUU Online Reader Version)
Alexey Popov
This is the Digital Edition of the IB Theory of Knowledge: A Student's Guide book. It is not a PDF and is NOT DOWNLOADABLE. It is available in digital format, using an Online Reader available through the ISSUU website. This version is only accessible with internet access, while using the online reader at ISSUU's website, and each student or customer will need to purchase the book individually with their own email account, user name and password. It can be purchased and accessed from the ISSUU website here. Chapters: Introduction + Knowledge of Knowledge Knowledge and Technology Bias in Personal Knowledge Bias in Shared Knoweldge Knowledge and Understanding Knowledge and Language Assessment Guidance Our course makes things easier for teachers. This is what we provide: A student book which is designed to be used either at home or in lesson time. The book is broken down into individual lessons. Every lesson is designed for a duration of a 1-hour period. Every lesson is broken down into basic material and extension material, which will allow you to meet the needs of all types of learners. Every lesson has suggested further reading or watching. Teacher Support Packs (TSPs), which include: Lesson plans for each lesson with a variety of activities A journal for students to work with during lesson time Teacher’s version of the same journal with suggested answers Powerpoint presentations, handouts and other materials Unit plans and possible course outlines We will also have a blog and a Facebook page to offer continuous support to both teachers and students You can be flexible with our course. It is designed in a way which makes every unit and every lesson relatively independent. You can teach several Themantic lessons, or you can teach one Themantic unit, or you can teach the whole Themantic course. Within the course itself, you can be flexible with the number of lessons and their sequence. We have suggested sequences in the course outlines - you can choose one of the default ones or design your own. Our course is written with assessment in mind. Our approach is to maximize efficiency: everything works toward building student confidence.  The key concepts that form the foundation of the course are also the ones that frequently appear in prescribed TOK essay titles Teaching areas of knowledge together with themes and concepts means that students start preparing for the essay much sooner Every unit has an exhibition which builds the skill of finding real-world applications of TOK concepts Every lesson models thinking that is required in both assessment tasks.  There is a unit with assessment guidance which includes checklists for making a perfect exhibition and writing a perfect essay. Author: Alexey PopovISBN: 978-0-995-13900-8541 pages (Paperback)Delivery: 2-4 weeks

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