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IB Psychology Flashcards

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Everything you need to ace your IB Psychology exams.

  • 72 studies
  • 34 key terms
  • 9 theories and models

 Now you don't need to spend hours and hours making your own flashcards. 

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Key Studies: Detailed flashcards on 72 studies, including the classics like Loftus and Palmer, Bandura, Tajfel and Turner, Milner and Scoville and heaps more. 

Key Terms: All included for Paper One, including the "Additional Terms." Also includes research methodology terms for HL Paper Three. 

Key Theories/Models: 9 theories and models in Paper One, including the dual processing model, social cognitive theory, social identity theory and more. 

These are fully writable so you can fully personalize your flashcards with your own notes.

*Excluding India. For bulk orders of flashcards, please contact us through the contact page.

 x72 key studies like this one with all the details needed for top marks.

Key studies cover enough topics for Paper 1 and Paper 2 (Options: Human Relationships and Abnormal Psychology).

x34 key term flashcards with terms on one side and definitions on the other

Key terms for Paper 1 include the "additional terms" added to the syllabus. Research methodology terms are included to help higher level students with Paper 3 (and SL + HL students for research methods and ethics questions in Paper 1 and 2). These are fully writable so you can fully personalize your flashcards with your own notes. Customize your own cards to help you remember the contents better. Key terms are colour-coded so they compliment the revision book. Use both together to be full prepared.

All the key theories for Paper 1 have their own flashcards.

Paper One: All key terms and theories and at least 2 studies for every essay topic (and at least one for SAQ-only terms).

Paper Two: Studies to cover Abnormal Psychology's "Etiology of Abnormal Psychology" and Human Relationship's "Personal Relationships" topics in-depth.

Paper Three: Key research methods and sampling methods flashcards as well as revision cards for generalizability, bias and credibility. 


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