IB Psychology - A Student's Guide - Love & Marriage - eBook

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Are you teaching Human Relationships? Looking for new ideas?

Like all Themantic materials, this Love and Marriage chapter is based on addressing real world problems and issues that are meaningful and relevant for students. In this chapter, some of the big questions include:

  • Why do people fall in love?
  • Why do people get divorced?
  • How can we maintain a happy marriage?
  • Are arranged marriages healthy?
  1. Personal relationships (Human Relationships)
  2. Formation of relationships (Human Relationships)
  3. Communication and relationships (Human Relationships)
  4. Why relationships change or end (Human Relationships)
  5. Hormones (Biological Approach)
  6. Pheromones (Biological Approach)
  7. Evolution (Biological Approach)
  8. Cultural Origins (Sociocultural Approach)
  9. Cultural Influences (Sociocultural Approach)
  10. Cultural dimensions (Sociocultural Approach

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Author: Travis Dixon
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