IB TOK - A Student's Guide - Unit 2- Knowledge and Technology eBook - FREE Themantic Education

IB TOK - A Student's Guide - Unit 2- Knowledge and Technology eBook - FREE

Author: Alexey Popov
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Like all themantic materials, this eBook chapter "Knowledge and Technology" from our new TOK textbook is based on addressing real world problems and issues that are meaningful and relevant for students.

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IB TOK - A Student's Guide - Unit 2- Knowledge and Technology eBook - FREE
Alexey Popov
Over 16 lessons, this chapter examines how knowledge is affected by the development of technology. It raises the ultimate questions that challenge students’ understanding of what it means to “know” in the modern digital world. These questions are highly contestable and have profound implications for our everyday lives. For example, can computers make scientific discoveries on their own? Can artificial consciousness be created? Can computers replace mathematicians? How about artists? The chapter is organized thematically: the lessons focus on 16 key concepts that explicitly link to one of the IB optional themes (“Knowledge and technology”), the core theme (“Knowledge and the knower”) and all five compulsory areas of knowledge (Natural Sciences, Human Sciences, Mathematics, History, the Arts). It also provides a balanced discussion across all elements of the knowledge framework. You teach areas of knowledge and themes simultaneously! This table shows how each lesson links to the elements of the IB TOK course: The chapter builds several key thinking skills, such as: what-if thought experiments, identifying implications of knowledge claims, formulating strong counter-arguments, considering various perspectives, formulating an educated opinion.  Just like every other chapter in the book, this one includes an “Exhibition” and a “Story” that are revisited in the lessons and once again at the end.  Don’t forget to download our (free) Teacher Support Pack for the chapter. It includes all lesson plans, student workbooks, activities and PowerPoint presentations.  Don’t forget that Unit 3 (“Bias in Personal Knowledge”) is also available for free download as an eBook as well along with the accompanying Teacher Support Pack (TSP).

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