IB Psychology - Teacher Support Pack - Chapter 5: Love & Marriage FREE PREVIEW Themantic Education

IB Psychology - Teacher Support Pack - Chapter 5: Love & Marriage FREE PREVIEW

Author: Travis Dixon
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In this chapter, some of the big questions include:

  • Why do people fall in love?
  • Why do people get divorced?
  • How can we maintain a happy marriage?
  • Are arranged marriages a good idea?

This digital download of resources for Chapter Five from our textbook (IB Psychology: A Student's Guide) covers these big questions that will be inherently interesting for students, relevant for their lives now and in the future, and will help give them the knowledge and skills needed to ace their IB Psychology exams.

By getting this FREE preview pack you will instantly be emailed a zipped file for download. 


  • Textbook pages (digital .pdf)
  • Unit plan
  • Lesson plans
  • Student workbook 
  • Teacher edition workbook
  • Powerpoints
  • Example exam answers
  • Exam tips
  • Fully editable PDF and Word document files for ease of editing 
  • And more...


If you're not sure whether to try the themantic approach to IB Psychology and you want to trial our textbook, the Love and Marriage unit gives you the perfect opportunity. 

Book Title
IB Psychology - Teacher Support Pack - Chapter 5: Love & Marriage FREE PREVIEW
Travis Dixon
Contents: Personal relationships (Human Relationships) Formation of relationships (Human Relationships) Communication and relationships (Human Relationships) Why relationships change or end (Human Relationships) Hormones (Biological Approach) Pheromones (Biological Approach) Evolution (Biological Approach) Cultural Origins (Sociocultural Approach) Cultural Influences (Sociocultural Approach) Cultural dimensions (Sociocultural Approach) You can see that by integrating the optional Human Relationships topic and the core approaches, we can explore topics in more depth and in less time. This will reduce content, increase understanding, make revision for students easier and give them more options for the exams. This is how we're increasing student success with the themantic approach to teaching and curriculum design. We know that there will be definitely be one Paper Two exam question on of the topics included in this unit, so there's no risk in trying the popular thematic/themantic approach.  BUY YOURSELF SOME TIME WITH OUR TEACHER SUPPORT PACK... Get the full eBook chapter here! Get the full support pack here! Author: Travis Dixon Delivery: Download Link sent by EmailFormat: Digital (PDF)License: Teacher* *A teacher license allows you to share this with students enrolled in your school. It can be made available through internal digital mediums (e.g. email, Managebac, moodles or wikis) but cannot be published on publicly available sites. This license is for one teacher. If one organization has multiple teacher, one license per teacher must be purchased.

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