Psychology Teachers Workshop - Yokohama, Japan

Psychology Teachers Workshop - Yokohama, Japan

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Date: Saturday and Sunday, October 27th & 28th, 2018

Location: YIS, Yokohama/Tokyo, Japan 

Price: $249 p/p (USD)

Host: Travis Dixon (IB Psychology Teacher, Workshop Leader, Examiner, Author)

Registration: Closes September 28th. Limited spaces.

Are you confused by the new IB Psychology curriculum? Are you thinking that you're just staying afloat, or maybe feel like you're drowning, and you want more out of the course? Are you worried your students won't be prepared for their exams? Frustrated that you're not getting more 7s? Curious about the thematic/themantic approach but not brave enough to take the plunge? Maybe you're using ThemEd resources already and have a few questions? Maybe you just want some additional training?

If any of this sounds like you, our inaugural two-day workshop would be perfect for you. In two days we will answer all the questions that new and old IB Psychology teachers have, for a fraction of the cost of an IB-hosted workshop.*

Travis has spent years trying to decipher the clues and codes of the IB Psychology course requirements and now he feels he has plenty to share with other teachers that will help them enjoy teaching the course a lot more, while still keeping students engaged and ready for exam success.


  • Snacks, coffees and lunch
  • Teachers workbook (digital and hard copy)
  • Heaps of free teaching resources and ideas

Over 8 sessions from 9am - 4:30pm, we will cover:
- Paper 1, 2 and 3
- Decoding the new curriculum
- Tips for developing critical thinking
- IA and EE tips
...And more...

*This is not an official IB workshop and is run independently of the IB organization. Participation in this workshop will not count towards IB accreditation requirements (we're obligated by IB to remind everyone of this :) ) 

Planned Future Workshops in 2019 (All yet to be confirmed...)

  • February 23rd-24th: Melbourne, Australia
  • March, 30th-31st: Singapore
  • July, 19th-21st (3 day), Florida, USA