IB TOK - Teacher Support Pack - Unit 4: Bias in Shared Knowledge

IB TOK - Teacher Support Pack - Unit 4: Bias in Shared Knowledge

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This Teacher Support Pack is designed to assist you in the teaching of Unit 4, Bias in shared knowledge. It includes 22 lessons. The focus in this unit is on three areas of knowledge: Natural Sciences, History and Mathematics. They are all investigated in comparison and through the overarching concept of bias.

Refer to this table for a general overview of how Themantic chapters map onto linear TOK units:

With our teacher support packs, you buy yourself valuable time 

All of our TSPs come with everything you need to teach the unit: 

  • Unit plan and lesson plans
  • A student workbook where they take notes, write answers and do activities
  • The teacher’s version of the same workbook, with suggested answers and teaching tips included
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Activity resources (such as quizzes, handouts, in-class experiments)

The Teacher Support Pack saves you a lot of planning time! The idea is to give you 100 % ready made materials required for each lesson.  

With our teacher support packs, you buy great teaching ideas

We have included a variety of activities to cater to all learning needs and styles:

  • Purely discussion-based activities (such as debates, discussions with a verdict, mingling activities, court role-plays) as well as more structured activities (such as jigsaw reading, unscrambling tasks, gallery walks)
  • Activities designed for different levels of learning: basic understanding of key concepts (such as revision quizzes, guessing games, sorting tasks) and higher-level skills of formulating arguments and connecting ideas (such as formulating implications, designing mind-maps, criticizing examples, debates)
  • Activities designed to develop skills necessary for final assessment (TOK essay and TOK exhibition)
  • Activities designed to explore students’ creative side, such as a thought experiment or creating a job resume on behalf of mathematics. 

In the design of lessons, we follow the CHACER model that is based on modern pedagogical principles. Each lesson is designed so that students gradually move through three levels of learning: (1) knowledge and comprehension, (2) understanding and application, (3) thinking in the abstract. Each lesson has differentiation built into it. 

Look at our lessons and use as is, or draw inspiration from them and design your own!

If necessary, you can easily combine our materials with your own

Everything in our Teacher Support Packs is customizable should you wish to change it. We have included editable versions of all documents. Lesson plans are designed in such a way that you can regulate the amount of time spent on each activity, depending on your class dynamic. Different activities will cater to different learning preferences. 

There’s always a little more than necessary so that you have some flexibility of choice!

What is covered in this Teacher Support Pack:

Unit 4. Bias in shared knowledge

Lesson 1: Naive theories

4.1. Bias in Natural Sciences

Lesson 2: Demarcation problem

Lesson 3: Falsifiability

Lesson 4: Scientific progress

Lesson 5: Underdetermination of scientific theories

Lesson 6: Theory-laden facts

Lesson 7: Verisimilitude

Lesson 8: Paradigm shifts

Lesson 9: Incommensurability

4.2. Bias in History

Lesson 10: Historical interpretation

Lesson 11: Historical perspectives

Lesson 12: Historical objectivity and historical facts

Lesson 13: Historical objectivity and rival interpretations

Lesson 14: Historical objectivity and ethics

Lesson 15: Heteroglossia

Lesson 16: Multiperspectivity

4.3. Bias in Mathematics

Lesson 17: Proof

Lesson 18: Axiomatic systems

Lesson 19: Discovered or invented? Truth in mathematics

Lesson 20: Consistency

Lesson 21: Mathematical realism


Lesson 22: Overview: bias in Mathematics, Natural Sciences and History

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Prepared by an experienced TOK teacher, IB author, examiner and workshop leader, Alexey Popov. 

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