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IB Psychology - A Revision Guide - eBook

Author: Travis Dixon
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IB Psychology - A Revision Guide - eBook
Travis Dixon
Contents: Introduction The Brain and Behaviour The Brain and Decision Making The Brain and Emotion Hormones and Behaviour Culture and Biology Neurotransmission Neuroplasticity Genetics and Behaviour Social Cognitive Theory Conclusion Features: Full chapters on the IA and exam preparation EE advice and guidance Lesson-by-lesson layout for easy planning  Teacher Support Packs (TSP's) add-ons, available for every Chapter Guiding questions, critical thinking extensions and engaging activities  Topics covered in-depth to increase IB marks for students Clear language for easy comprehension for EAL (and all) students Complete glossary with definitions of over 400 key terms Unique topics not included in other books, such as “Love & Marriage” Free support for teachers and students through our blog, facebook groups and youtube channel Author: Travis DixonISBN: 978-0-473-39139-3542 pages Also Available: IB Psychology: A Student's Guide

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