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IB Health Psychology Example Essays

Author: Travis Dixon
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This digital download includes a range of essays written for Paper 2 in IB Health Psychology. The content is based on the material in the Stress unit so students can see how to improve their writing and increase their scores.

Exemplar essays that would score top marks are included for some of the more challenging questions, like prevalence rates of stress and ethical considerations in health problems.

Book Title
IB Health Psychology Example Essays
Travis Dixon
Contents: Example essays Examiner comments for every essays Activities  Workbooks  Teaching activities and workbooks are included.  Also available:  Stress: A Student’s Guide for IB Health Psychology (eBook) – Now available IB Health Psychology: A Revision Guide (eBook) – Now available Stress: A Student’s Guide for IB Health Psychology - Audio Book (Coming soon) Stress - Teacher’s Support Pack (Coming soon) Health Psychology Flashcards (Coming soon) Health Psychology Example Essays (Coming soon) BUNDLE – IB Health Psychology (Coming Soon) Details Format: Digital download (PDF format) Pages: 30 pages Curriculum: IB Psychology: Paper 2 Health Psychology Optio License: Lifetime Teacher license: The purchase of this product entitles one teacher to use this eBook for their classes for life.  Copyright: This eBook can be shared using internal online storage systems accessible by the licensed teacher’s classes only. No part can be stored or reproduced in other Disclaimer*: This eBook includes material on the topic of Health Promotion. However, it does not cover the three approaches to Health Promotion. For more information on this material please visit our blog. Full Disclaimer: Read more

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