IB TOK - Teacher Support Pack - Unit 2: Knowledge and Technology - FREE

IB TOK - Teacher Support Pack - Unit 2: Knowledge and Technology - FREE

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This Teacher Support Pack is designed to assist you in the teaching of Unit 2, Knowledge and technology. AND IT'S FREE!

Buy yourself time with our teacher support packs. 

All of our TSPs come with everything you need to teach the unit: 

  • Unit plan and lesson plans
  • A student workbook where they take notes, write answers and do activities.
  • The teacher’s version of the same workbook, with suggested answers and teaching tips included.
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Activity resources (such as quizzes, handouts, in-class experiments)

The Teacher Support Pack saves you a lot of planning time! The idea is to give you 100 % ready made materials required for each lesson.  At the same time, everything is customizable should you wish to change it. We have included editable versions of all documents. Lesson plans are designed in such a way that you can regulate the amount of time spent on each activity, depending on your class dynamic. Different activities will cater to different learning preferences. 

There’s always a little more than necessary so that you have some flexibility of choice!

Don't forget to download the FREE eBook for you and your students to read along with these materials. 

Prepared by experienced TOK teacher, author, examiner and workshop leader, Alexey Popov. 

  • Author: Alexey Popov
  • Status: Available now
  • Delivery: Instant download
  • Format: Digital (.pdf, .ppt, .docx, .mp4)
  • License: School*