IB Psychology - Teacher Support Pack - Chapter 3: Social Influence - Part II

IB Psychology - Teacher Support Pack - Chapter 3: Social Influence - Part II

Themantic Education

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Author: Travis Dixon
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Supplements: IB Psychology - A Student's Guide

Buy yourself some time with our teacher support pack.

You can save yourself hours and hours of planning and prep' time by using our teacher support packs that have everything you need for every lesson in this unit.

Social Influence Part II Teacher Support Pack applies the themantic approach to IB Psychology to help you cover these topics in less than 20 hours:

  • Cognitive processes
  • Schema theory
  • Reliability of cognitive processes
  • Reconstructive memory
  • Biases in thinking and decision making
  • Stereotypes
  • Social responsibility
  • Bystanderism
  • Prosocial behaviour
  • Promoting prosocial behaviour
  • Culture
  • Cultural origins of behaviour

If you're teaching Human Relationships, this pack is a must.

Like all our support packs, this digital download resource includes:

  • Individual lesson plans (x 16)
  • A student workbook (to go with every lesson plan)
  • A teacher's edition of the workbook (contains answers and notes)
  • Powerpoints for each topic and every lesson
  • Heaps of lesson ideas and activities that can be used in any lessons
  • Complete unit plan with learning outcomes, key terms and studies
  • Individual activity handouts (including study replication materials to do in-class)
  • Links to complete online resources such as Quizlets, Quizizzs, Kahoots and Jeopardies (Saves you hours of prep' time!)
  • Formative and summative assessment ideas and materials (including quizzes and tests with answers)
  • Extended research project idea, with rubric
  • An assessment workbook for guidance on exam preparation and assessment, including:
    • Check-lists for writing SARs and essays
    • Four example short answer response (SAR) (including examiner-style comments)
    • An example essay response (with examiner-style comments)
  • Easy to adapt materials for you to amend and adapt as you like

For just $30 you get a lifetime school license to use and adapt these materials in your classrooms. That's less than $2 per lesson for everything you need to teach this unit.

Our resources come in easy-to-use PDF format, but we also provide fully editable word documents so you can adapt these for your own preferences and purposes.

This pack is designed to be used alongside our textbook, IB Psychology: A Student's Guide.

Please note that the resources in this pack, including lesson ideas, assessments and suggested duration of the unit are all suggestions only. It is the responsibility of individual teachers to ensure that the implementation of any Themantic Education resource is suitable for their own contexts.