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The Psychology of Learning (Audiobook)

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The Psychology of Learning (Audiobook)
This is the exact text of the eBook version read aloud by the author, Travis Dixon. There’s also bonus material, including some exam tips for students and teaching tips for teachers. Perfect for EAL students, commuters or any student who prefers audiobooks. Contents: The multi-store model The working memory model Schema theory Emotion and memory Reconstructive memory Cognitive bias Thinking and decision making Methodology Conclusion Also available: BUNDLE: IB Cognitive Approach (Psychology of Learning) The Psychology of Learning: A Student’s Guide to IB Psychology’s Cognitive Approach (eBook) IB Psychology’s Cognitive Approach: A Revision Guide (eBook) IB Psychology’s Cognitive Approach: Flashcards (Digital) IB Psychology’s Cognitive Approach: Example Answers The Psychology of Learning: Teacher Support Pack (Digital) Details Format: Digital download (MP3 format) Length: About five to ten minutes per lesson File Size: TBD Curriculum: IB Psychology: Paper 1 Cognitive Approach License: Lifetime Teacher license: The purchase of this product entitles one teacher to use this audiobook for their classes for life. Copyright: This audio book can be shared using internal online storage systems accessible by the licensed teacher’s classes only. No part can be stored or reproduced in other places. Full Disclaimer: Read more

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