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IB Psychology’s Cognitive Approach: A Revision Guide (eBook)

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Exam revision is made easy with our Revision Guides. Their simple formatting allows students to easily revise, remember and apply the content to write excellent exam answers.
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IB Psychology’s Cognitive Approach: A Revision Guide (eBook)
The secret to success in IB Psychology is managing the content. Too much and it’s impossible to remember, too little and it’s impossible to score top marks. That’s why I’ve very carefully constructed this revision guide to have the perfect amount of content. Every topic in the Cognitive Approach is carefully explained, key terms are defined and key studies are summarized. There’s exam tips for every topic and critical thinking extensions. Instead of reducing critical thinking to rote learned bullet points, these questions guide students to come up with their own relevant arguments and counter-arguments that will distinguish their answers from the rest. Download a free preview and see for yourself. Also available: BUNDLE: IB Cognitive Approach (Psychology of Learning) The Psychology of Learning: A Student’s Guide to IB Psychology’s Cognitive Approach (eBook) IB Psychology’s Cognitive Approach: A Revision Guide (eBook) IB Psychology’s Cognitive Approach: Flashcards (Digital) IB Psychology’s Cognitive Approach: Example Answers The Psychology of Learning: Teacher Support Pack (Digital) Details Format: Digital download (PDF format) Pages: TBD Curriculum: IB Psychology: Paper 1: Cognitive Approach License: Lifetime Teacher license: The purchase of this product entitles one teacher to use this eBook for their classes for life. Copyright: This eBook can be shared using internal online storage systems accessible by the licensed teacher’s classes only. No part can be stored or reproduced in other Full Disclaimer: Read more

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