IB Psychology TSP + eBook BUNDLE

IB Psychology TSP + eBook BUNDLE

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Buy yourself some time with our teacher support packs.

We've taken all of our TSPs and bundled them together in one resource at a massively discounted price. In this pack we've also included 6 chapters as eBooks.

You could have your entire IB course planned with the touch of a button!

$405 - $289

This bundle gives you access to all of the TSPs for our textbook, "IB Psychology: A Student's Guide." 

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Criminology
  • Chapter 3: Social Influence (x2 TSPs)
  • Chapter 4: PTSD
  • Chapter 5: Love and Marriage
  • Chapter 6: Quantitative Methods
  • Chapter 7: The IA
  • Chapter 8: The HL Extensions (x3 TSPs)
  • Chapter 9: Qualitative Methods

You also get the eBooks:

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Criminology
  • Chapter 5 Love and Marriage
  • Chapter 7 The IA
  • Chapter 8 The Extensions
  • Chapter 11 The EE

That means more than 185 lesson plans with everything you need, including the PowerPoints, workbooks, activities and assessments. 

The full teacher support packs and 6 x eBooks will be emailed in a zipped file for download (829MB).**

The TSPs contain: 

  • Unit plans
  • Lesson plans
  • Student workbooks
  • Teacher edition workbooks
  • Powerpoints
  • Example exam answers (with comments)
  • Exam tips
  • Video tutorials
  • Tests and quizzes (with teacher's answers)
  • Fully editable PDF and Word document files so you can adapt how you like

Save hours and hours of planning time for just $289.

While this unit will work best with our textbook, the materials in this pack can be useful for any IB Psychology teacher, regardless of your approach or the textbook you are using. 

Author: Travis Dixon
Status: Available Now!
Delivery: Instant download
Format: Digital (.pdf, .ppt, .docx, .mp4)
License: Teacher*
File size: 850MB

Can I get the entire book as a PDF?

At this stage we are not releasing the entire book digitally. The YouTube channel and blogs have a heap of free content for quick review. But we believe that the last thing kids need is more screen time. When it comes to extended reading of informational text, nothing beats a physical book. Releasing some of the chapters as eBooks is our way of making a compromise. In the future, we may experiment with digital books, but for now we prefer print books and digital TSPs.

*A teacher license allows you to share this with students enrolled in your school. It can be made available through internal digital mediums (e.g. email, Managebac, moodles or wikis) but cannot be published on publicly available sites. This license is for one teacher. If one organization has multiple teacher, one license per teacher must be purchased.

** If internet connection speed is a problem, please purchase and then contact us - we will send you the download links individually.