IB Psychology Full Course Bundle

IB Psychology Full Course Bundle

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Save time and money by buying our Student's Guide, Revision Guide and Flashcards all in one. All three for $99.85. 

Normally $119.85. Save $20 at just $99.85 (+ shipping).

IB Psychology: A Student's Guide contains engaging topics like Criminology and Love and Marriage. Study psychology the way it's meant to be studied - with authentic integration of multiple approaches to understand human behaviour. Download a preview or see more here.

IB Psychology: A Revision Guide takes the key terms, concepts and studies from the student's guide and condenses them into a student-friendly revision format. Download a free preview or read more here.

IB Psychology Flashcards is our latest resource of over 100 flashcards designed specifically for IB Psychology students. 

Teachers, imagine your students having these three resources and all your lessons already planned with our full Teacher Support Pack (Available here). I hope your stress goes down and your love of teaching Psychology goes up.

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